Sanshu Group (Sanshu Seika Co. and Sanshu Souhonpo Co.) is a leading confectionery company in Japan. Annual sales for Sanshu Group approach $37 million with it's main distribution amongst major department stores, theme parks and confectionery specialty stores.
Company Philosophy
We use the best of everything.
Company Principles
Management Attitude
1. To strive for management which makes the best use of people's talents.
2. To keep our vision clear, and based upon our business purpose.
3. To create distinctive products, always remaining inquisitive.

Working Attitude
1. To strive for customer satisfaction.
2. To improve our personalities and abilities through work.
3. To establish relationship which helps each other.
Business Principles
Producing confectionery which adds to a happy, healthy life.

1. Providing high quality confectionery at an affordable price.
2. Producing delicious and healthy confectionary using the best natural ingredients.
3. Adapting our products and production to make the least possible impact upon the natural environment.